Nan's Dance

Classes comprised of drills to improve:

+ hand-eye coordination

+ reaction time

+ speed

+ agility

+ confidence

Taught by certified, adult instructors, guest coaches, and athletes.

We will drill, drill, drill for muscle memory and technique through fun games and high energy encouragement.  It’s so much fun the kids won’t realize they are working so hard! 

Only $50 per month!  All equipment provided! 

These skills cross over ALL sports!  Hone your skills here for more results on the field or court!  Individual progress is tracked throughout the session for your sense of accomplishment

Obstacle courses and circuits happen every class.

Kids who don’t thrive in the pressure or judgement of teams, but need the skills to play well, will LOVE this format!

+++++ Winter session ends with GYM DAY to be held at a local gymnasium in December at no extra cost.

+++++ Spring session ends with a FIELD DAY to be held at a local ball field in April at no extra cost.

45 minute class once per week—Ages 4 & up