Nan's Dance
Why choose Nan's School of Dance?

By enrolling here, YOU (the parent, dancer, or athlete) get to customize your own services:

A. Once-per-week lessons for new steps and fun exercise
B. The classtime that fits YOUR schedule best--no juggling other activities around a single classtime offering
C. Several classes per week for the more serious approach of study
D. Adult role models as instructors who believe passionately in their work
E. A professionally-produced, efficient, short recital performance for building dancers' confidence

You will NOT get the following at Nan's School of Dance...

A. Hidden fees for costumes, pictures, testing or anything else
B. Pressure or stress in the classroom

Our edge is the family-friendly way we build confidence in young people through teaching them correct technique first --- then (like stacking blocks), we keep challenging their bodies and minds to perform steps they never thought possible! Come see a class for yourself!